burnos-higienaOral hygiene – a very important aspect of health. Bad breath, unhealthy and mobile teeth usually are form of periodontitis disease or gingivitis. Tooth brush does not always manage thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces. Wearing implants, braces or dentures good oral hygiene is very important for disease prevention.

Upon arrival at the oral hygienist for you will be explained in detail the recommended methods of cleaning the teeth. With ultrasonic instrument, and also by air abrasion will be cleaned all surfaces of the teeth, including periodontal pockets, hard tissues located above and below the gums, dental plaque, microorganisms, their toxins. If you would like before cleaning doctor will make anesthetic procedure. Professional oral hygiene procedures performed by one or more visits.

Treated with special brushes, polishing paste and rubber discs tooth surfaces are more resistant to dental caries, plaque and tartar accumulation. “AIR-FLOW” is one of the newest methods for removal of dental plaque. This is an excellent and painless way to clean nicotine, coffee or tea plaque to lighten the teeth. “AIR-FLOW” quickly and effectively remove dental plaque, compared with normal teeth polishing. It is very effective even in difficult to reach places. Strong air, water and soda powder stream is directed perpendicular to the surface of the teeth quickly and painlessly removes the accumulated plaque. After “AIR-FLOW” procedures will be pleasantly surprised by a natural smile, comfort and cleanliness of your mouth.

Periodontal disease primary preventive measure – a good individual and a modern professional oral hygiene.