ortodontinis-gydymas-pslIn practice, more than half of all people have any facial or dental pathology. If a family of at least one parent has a tooth crowding, children facing a real risk, if the two – almost 100 percent that the child will also have problems. Very high impact for dental growth and has the type of baby feding.

If a baby is fed naturally, usually teeth are okay: jaws has the opportunity to grow normally, but if the child is fed artificially, is likely to bite y, because at time of drinking from a bottle jaw moving otherwise. Abnormalt bite formation affects the growth of harmful habits: fingers, pencil-sucking, nail chewing. There are children who suck the tongue.

Orthodontic treatment is applied to straighten crowded teeth, correct irregular bite. In adults,for teeth straightening commonly used brackets. Brackets are selected individually, taking into account patient preferences and treatment facility.