burnos-higienaOral Hygiene – a very important aspect of health. Bad breath, unhealthy and mobile teeth usually are form of periodontitis disease or gingivitis. Tooth brush does not always manage thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces. Wearing implants, braces or dentures good oral hygiene is very important for disease prevention. More >>

dantenos-pslPeriodontal Treatment. Since periodontitis is painless you may even be unaware that you have this subtle disease. The early stage of the gums disease is called gingivitis. In this case, your gums is red, swollen, bleeding at time of tooth brushing. During this stage disease is reversible and easily diagnosed… More >>

dantu-gydymas-pslDental Treatment. Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp becomes infected or inflammatory. There might be many reasons: deep carious cavity, multiple dental procedures on the same teeth, tooth decay, fractures, and so on. If pulp inflammation or infection is not treated, … More >>

protezavimas-pslProsthodontics. Front teeth – like a man visit card. They seen at time of speaking, smiling, laughing. Dental materials manufacturers are trying to create such a tooth tissue substitutes, which have no differens from natural teeth. The times when broken or knocked out front teeth are made from gold or white metal now in the past. More >>

implantacija-pslDental Implantation – a modern dentition restoration method, when in the jaw threaded root form implant. Even if the patient does not have a single tooth is possible to have non-removable dentures! Prosthetic dental implants are superior to other methods of dental prosthetics, because :

  • No need to grind the teeth structures; More >>

ortodontinis-gydymas-pslOrthodontic Treatment. In practice, more than half of all people have any facial or dental pathology. If a family of at least one parent has a tooth crowding, children facing a real risk, if the two – almost 100 percent that the child will also have problems. Very high impact for dental growth and has the type of baby feding. More >>