Porcelain onlays production

1. Molar teeth caries.

2. Dental gypsum model ready for the production of porcelain onlays.

3. Porcelain onlays.

4. Cementation of porcelain onlays.

5. Porcelain onlays after cementation.

Doctor: V. Almonaitis

Front tooth implant surgery and porcelain crown

1. Front tooth loss due to injury.

2. Lost tooth implantation.

3. After implantation, porcelain crown

Doctor: V. Almonaitis

Teeth Bleaching

1. Yellowish tint teeth before whitening procedure

2. After teeth whitening procedure

Doctor: V. Almonaitis

Wearied and changed color teeth rehabilitation with metal free ceramic crowns

1. Teeth before metal free ceramic crowns production.

2. Teeth color and shape after production metal free ceramic crowns.

Doctor: V. Almonaitis

Front teeth porcelain veneers production

1. Front teeth before color and shape correction – front view.

2. Front teeth after color and shape adjustment – front view.

3. Front teeth before color and shape adjustment – side view.

4. Front teeth with porcelain laminates – side view

Doctor: V. Almonaitis

Front teeth color and form change with porcelain veneers

1. Dark and asymmetrical front teeth.

2. Front teeth color and shape with porcelain veneers

3. Porcelain veneers.

Doctor: V. Almonaitis